Whoever thought it was so hard to pick out tee shirts?

I’ve been blogging a lot the past few days. I suspect it’s because I have too much time on my hands- my mind is doing more thinking. Or maybe it’s that when there’s less to distract my mind I can think clearly and have greater insights about the world we live in and how it works.

Anyway, threadless is having a sale on their tee-shirts. Shirts that are normally about $15 are going for $9 on Friday 27th. I’ve been going through in advance picking out the ones I like. And my initial list was something like 50 long, but after pruning out the ones that weren’t available, it was down to 12. And that’s still $108 on tee shirts, which would take my weeks to get through.

And I realised that the reasons most of the shirts appealed to me was because of the humour, the flamboyant awesomeness or cuteness that made them amusing to wear. But the longer I stared at them and tried to discern which I wanted most, the less funny they became. The more exposure I had to them the less enjoyment I got out of looking at them. The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility (or Returns) strikes again.

Ajahn Brahm lives in a cave. He has one meal a day, all in one bowl, and he only has one pair of robes to take with him. We drown ourselves in possessions we don’t need because it gives us that momentary amusement which soon fades so we replace it by newer, funnier shirts. I don’t really need any of  them.

See?! This is what happens when I start thinking.


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