Consternating Coles

An update from my livejournal post about whether I should leave Coles, and when. Things have gotten a little complicated in the very short space since I posted that entry.

I had my job interview today at Curtin library. Although Ajahn Brahm knows that we often remember what we want to have happened, and that everybody’s perception is slightly different, I’m fairly sure I nailed it. I have experience, availability and willingness to do the work. Not to mention I’m almost positive I nailed the written and practical tests (of sorting and locating books) with time to spare. So I’m quite confident to say that’s in the bag. But that doesn’t start until February 15th, so if I were to leave Coles now that would mean being unemployed for three months.

So here’s a few additions to the list.

Reasons to quit Coles:
-Binuk, Dylan and Greg (the old debating team from Trinity) are organising to see an interesting movie tomorrow night at a pleasant location. I would love to go, but tomorrow is end’s night at Coles, where I am most needed. If I quit now, I could go see the movie. Opportunity cost at work.
-I’ve basically got another job lined up in a few months time, and I should have enough money to hold me over until then.
-Because my new job earns more than my old one, I’m at much greater risk of overstepping the 11k mark. Three months of unemployment would remedy this to a comfortable level, while still allowing me to receive 2k from Centrelink.

Reasons to stay:
-Christmas is coming up, and I haven’t bought all the presents yet.
-I forgot how much spending money I’ll need in Margaret River.
-I just resumed sponsoring a child, and that’s a commitment that requires an ongoing income to maintain.

Putting it all in writing has led me to the conclusion that the best thing to do would be to stay with the store until after Christmas, and not be scared of turning them down to look after Bethwyn (or for equally good reasons), if for money if nothing else. Then I can enjoy a one and a half month period of unemployment before starting at the library (assuming I get it). For the moment, I will continue to sell my labour to Coles, but they’ll be scarcely satisfied by how little I plan to work. Ah well.


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