Bathroom Adventures

Earlier this semester, I dropped into uni to pick up some movie tickets I’d won at the guild reception. While I was waiting to be served, a woman came out of the female toilets and told the receptionist that someone had climbed into all the cubicles and locked them. The  receptionist called the maintenance staff, but the lady was pregnant and had a baby bouncing on her bladder so she was in quite the hurry. Seeing a chance to finally use my parkour skills in a practical way, I offered to unlock the doors for her. I walked into the toilet with her and she tried both cubicle doors again without success. So I set my bag down, went around the side and pulled myself up onto the top of the cubicle wall. The moment before I dropped into the first cubicle I glanced into the one further along. There a woman was sitting on the toilet seat (most probably with her pants around her legs- I didn’t spare time to check) staring determinedly at the ground. I dropped into the cubicle, unlocked it, accepted the lady’s thanks and bolted for the hills.
How’s that for an awkward meeting?

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