Guitar larceny

Craig and I caught up for a few hours on the long weekend. We had quite the adventure, driving around with no real idea where we were going, driving the wrong way up one-way streets and making turns based on intuition rather than a map. It took us twice as long to get to his house so we ended up having lunch around 3:30, too hungry for drive-through so (since getting my licence) I’m still a drive-through virgin.

While we were at Timezone we were looking around for games to play. Craig swiped his card twice on the Guitar Hero Arcade machine, but before he could play it, a little Asian kid (maybe 6-years-old, about a 80cm tall) ran out from behind him and picked up the guitar. Craig-kun and I grinned at each other and the kid grinned up at us as we (I) tried to take the guitar off him, but man that kid had an iron grip. And while we (I) was fighting over the guitar with him, he was pressing random buttons and managed to get most of the way of setting a game up. Eventually I knelt down and looked him in the eye and demanded he let ‘me’ play ‘my’ game, which made him run away, all of this without a word. Unfortunately, the machine we set up so there was no "Back" option, so Craig had to play the song he had set up, the little devil. Apparently he was quite talented. Tiny as he was, Craig saw him crouching on the ground with the guitar in hand playing on easy or medium.

I wonder if he just lurks around games, waiting for people to pay and then rushing in and grinning up at them so they think he’s too cute to kick off. I have to say, I nearly caved but was victorious in the end.

Ahh long weekends. We should start celebrating the Queen’s unbirthdays as well.

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