The spirituality of.. cooking?

In Healing With Whole Foods, food researcher Paul Pitchford
speaks of the invisible energy that is imparted to the food by the cook
and that this in turn affects anyone who then eats that food. He offers
a few suggestions for being aware of your intentions in the kitchen:

1. Food prepared in anger imparts anger.
2. If the cook is being too thrifty and not meeting everyone’s
nutritional needs there can be a feeling of deprivation and then
excessive binging (on not-so-nutritious food), leading to even more
3. When the cook is feeling rejected, the food will most likely be rejected, too.
4. Cooking in a hurried or chaotic manner can result in anxious, chaotic thoughts and actions.

So, note to self, pound the pillow rather than the chicken breast
when angry with spouse or children. Then take a moment to calm down and
let go of the anger before stepping into the kitchen.

Gee willickers, would you look at that? That would be at least one theory to explain why the ‘meals’ my brother and I cooked when we were 8/10 were the best we’ve ever eaten..


One thought on “The spirituality of.. cooking?

  1. Bethwyn says:

    I definitely think there’s something to that, you know. I always try to put my love into what I’m cooking, even if I’m in the worst mood. And lately everything has been turning out in the best possible way and cheering me up in the process. It’s a great way to control low moods.

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