This week

A number of things have happened in the past week or so.

While placement is challenging (in that it’s an 8 hour day every day, plus a 9 hour day on Saturdays), it’s been educational. I’m grateful for the experience, though I’d be much moreso if I got paid for it.

I’ve been seeing Bethwyn as frequently as I can. Usually this means sleeping over on weekends and returning to work on Monmorns. It’s not nearly as much as we were used to, and not nearly as much as we would like, but I think we’re adapting over time. It’d be a lot easier if we lived together and I could come home and see her every night (and vice versa), but that will have to wait for now.

I got my licence! Very exciting stuff. I’m still a little unsteady at times- I admit that my driving can be reckless as often as it is safe. But in this week since I got my licence, I’ve improved a tremendous deal- I’ve learned more of the unspoken rules of the road and am generally more prepared for dangers now that I have to find them on my own (rather than having Dad point them out to me). I drove to Morley today and got horribly lost (because map books don’t include things like "No right turn" signs), so I learned a little about finding alternate routes to a destination without a mapbook. It’s a skill I hope to become proficient in, though I do plan to invest in a GPS eventually, no matter my father’s opinion.

I won a Guitar Hero tournament on the weekend. That was a definite highlight. It was only the Hard category, rather than the expert, simply because I had a much better chance of winning rather than being floored by this guitar legend who shredded the competition (pun intended). In short, the battles were close- I had to win three times in a row, and through better use of Star Power, and just a slightly higher skill level (hitting more notes consecutively) I pulled off a win. Very pleased with that.

That’s about it in my life. Oh! And I’m doing the 40 Hour Famine. I’ll be giving up speech and technology rather than food, because Mum forbids it. When I no longer live under her roof, I will find some time to fast for 40 hours, just for kicks. Until then, speech and technology, whatever that means. Not too late to donate if you’re interested, you’ve got a week or two yet.

Now it’s time for a late dinner (9:30) and to see if Bethwyn’s awake for a quick phone call. Ja, everyone. Thanks for reading my exceptionally unexceptional blog.



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