Going with the Flow

I think there is something tremendously liberating from surrendering yourself to the ebb and flow of life- to stop spending energy resisting its currents and working within it rather than against it.

These are words of great wisdom, from a woman known as Isha.

I was flying my hawk yesterday. Watching her swoop down in the evening half-light is like a dream.

Sat is a Harris Hawk, majestic and strong. After lovingly raising
and training her, she knows to come when I call; I am her source of
food and protection. I let her go, then I whistle for her to return.
Yesterday, as she was about to take off on her journey back to the
glove, a strong wind came up between us. She’s hungry; she wants to fly
to the glove, but the wind is very strong. I watched, as Sat took off
into the air, her focus never straying from the glove. The wind takes
her right off in the opposite direction, but to my surprise, she
doesn’t fight against it. She just goes with the wind. She never loses
sight of her goal, but she doesn’t have an attachment to how she’s
going to get there. She’s willing to flow. She soars majestically with
the current, riding the ever-shifting breeze. She waits calmly for the
wind to change, and when it does, she returns to me, and claims her

Isha with Sat

This scene struck me as a perfect illustration of the wisdom of
nature. Nature flows. As humans, we have lost this ability. We cling to
the idea of what we want, and fight against the current of life,
because our ideas are so rigid that we’re not open to let go. No wonder
we’re not always in joy, not always in peace; we’re fighting against
our present reality.

We all have wings, but if we fight against the wind, we cannot fly.
We can’t experience the full magnitude of who we are. We all have
unlimited potential, but when we cling to our fears and limitations,
we’re not open to experience life in its fullness. Life is an
experience. That’s all it is. Embrace your human experience, in all its
colors, in all its complexities; in its ever-changing currents. The
more you flow, and choose for the joy that is present in every moment,
the greater your creation will be. Choose for love, and you will find
the true majesty of self.


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