Tai Shin Kai

About half a year ago I started working night fill at Coles, filling the shelves when the store was closed. With my evenings occupied, four days a week, I didn’t have much time to pursue a new martial art. I’ve been getting unfit and my technique has dulled, and for a while I considered returning to Taekwondo if only to maintain my skill rather than improve it. Now that I’ve finally begun placement, I’ve cancelled my night shifts (moving them to all day Saturday instead) freeing my to pursue what art I want.

I’ve chosen Curtin’s karate club, Tai Shin Kai. I wrote an entry a while ago about it, and my impressions have not much changed. I have the deepest respect for Ho Sensei, and my basic skills are sufficient enough for me to survive in the club. It is difficult for me to resume the rank of white belt, not for rank’s sake, but to face my sheer ignorance and inability. There were many times when I simply had no clue what everyone was doing and copied as best I could. Techniques which are not explained are, at best, taught by patient sempai’s. It sucks to go back to square one, but I am comforted by the memory that I felt the same way when I started out Taekwondo two and a half years ago. Drowning in incompetence, but after a few lessons, a few weeks, I gained enough experience to grasp the basics and begin to hone my own technique and style.

Ho sensei is a serious man. He can laugh and tell jokes, but when he looks you in the eye, you know he can kill you. To coin a DBZ phrase, he hides his power level well, but when he powers up, he strikes faster than the eye can follow, and to be in his presence is to be awed. He uses science (chiefly physics and motion) to support the logic for certain attacks and has clear distinction between training and real life fighting. He includes in his techniques all the practicalities of where to strike so an opponent has the smallest chance of defending. He acknowledges the skill of other fighters and prepares his students as much as he can. He is a patient man and excellent teacher, using Japanese philosophy and emphasising respect to all people.

Although I’m still a novice, I am striving to be humble and to learn all I can. I lack the patience sensei does, and wish to see results instantly or near-instantly. As in Mariokart, my acceleration may be enormous but my top speed is not as high.

I wonder what sort of fighter I’ll be a few weeks from now? I’m learning much more hand to hand rather than hand to foot combat, which is appreciated. I have so much to learn, and as frustrating and hopeless as it can be, I will get there some day, and be a better warrior because of it.

Can’t wait to get my gi this Thursday ^^


One thought on “Tai Shin Kai

  1. Bethwyn says:

    Your gi?I’m so proud of you. You are so much more committed to martial arts than I ever have been (or could be I believe). Well done baby.I love you.

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