The Greatest Zelda Fan of All Time

Today I heard about a Triforce conspiracy in the images of the Google logo. Apparently (so googled websites tell me) one of the artists stuck a tiny Triforce into some of the images used on the google homepage. And as I searched through the conspiracies, I came across a website linking to The Odyssey of Hyrule, a fansite dedicated mostly to Ocarina. And as I searched through its articles I was humbled the lengths people went to to discover the game’s secrets. Admittedly, I knew almost all of them already, however obscure. I read about Triforce rumours which were plausible but absurd. I read about interviews with Nintendo, gameshark codes which allowed some awesome glitches, the crooked cartridge thing (sneaking past Mido without a sword or shield- he used disposable deku sticks the whole time! That’s crazy!) and how Silvestris is honoured as an artist.

It’s so strange to think that I was once the little boy who printed off Silvestris’ art and framed it in my room, to admire by candlelight in the early hours of the morning. How large a part of my life Zelda was. Truly, I would not be the same person without it.

No, I’m certainly not the greatest Zelda fan of all time. But I love Zelda more than I think anyone could know. Heck, just look at my email address.

I’m not sure why I wrote this. To smile at myself for being so childish, so determined to be a Knight of Hyrule. I like to think at heart, I might just be.

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