So I met a ninja today…

When I think ninjutsu, I think hardcore training with medium contact, focus on pressure points and lessons in stealth. I met someone who had achieved their first dan over two years and was an assistant instructor in his dojo. We started chatting and he taught me various ways to throw shurikens and knives, how to trip or throw someone, different kinds of chokeholds, various pressure points and one very cool double-handed technique for shattering a person’s collarbones. When he agreed to spar with me it turns out his technique is a little sloppy and his speed is lacking, though he has strength about him. While he’s trained to become the assistant instructor, his qi, his power level, is still surprisingly low. I see now why he said he’s a weapon’s man- he uses instruments as the extensions of his body and needs nothing else to defend himself. Not at this basic level, anyway. So while he taught me some cool stuff, it was a little disappointing when he didn’t instantly part my head from my shoulders.

That said, the kid was 15 so in hindsight, I really should have cut him some slack…


One thought on “So I met a ninja today…

  1. Yi Qian says:

    John , I miss you so much.. will you come to malaysia next year during chinese new year ?? My college life started, and I’m taking a short semester(summer intake) ,so it’s VERY BUSY~~ @.@but I’m going to finish it and will have a semester break a week later. ^ ^ and happy holiday to you ~ QIAN

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