Motivational Troubles

So I overreacted a little about my driving test. After some reflection, I realise I just wasn’t used to being criticised for my driving. With a pinch of humbleness and a fresh start, I’m hoping to learn from it and to pass my test in time. If not, it’s no huge problem for me, but it would be nice to pass as soon as possible.
In other news…

In the field of management science, a notable figure is Frederick Herzberg. An

apocryphal story is told about Herzberg. It is said that a large catering firm in

the U.S.A. had ‘motivational trouble’ in its kitchens. People washing up worked

slowly, frequently quit the job, and generally looked fed up. A bright young

management expert suggested it was because workers hadn’t ‘got’ any

motivation. ‘Let’s send for Frederick Herzberg and he’ll tell us how to put some

motivation into the work force’, he said. Frederick Herzberg was duly contacted,

and a consultancy fee of 2,000 dollars was agreed. When Herzberg arrived the

young management expert explained, ‘We even tried everything. We even tried

enriching their jobs by letting them wash cutlery on Mondays and Tuesdays,

and crockery on Wednesdays and Thursday, but they’ve still got no motivation.

How can we motivate them to do this job?’ After studying the scene for a few

moments, Herzberg is reputed to have said something like ‘you can’t. The job’s

lousy. I’m impressed you get them to do it at all. Can I have my 2,000 dollars

now please?’ The message is clear. You don’t put motivation into people: they

either find it themselves, or they don’t.

John Davies




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