I had no idea driving sucked so much.

I just had my first lesson with an instructor to prepare me for my test next Saturday (10am). I thought I was more or less ready, but this guy opened my eyes to a world of miniscule mistakes which just plain suck. They add up to a very definite punch in the face. So while I enjoy cruising around at 100, I’m finally starting to see that yes, you do have to freak. You do have to panic and drive 5-10km below the limit just so you don’t scare anyone including yourself for the world of dangers out there trying to get you to make a mistake.

So, for my reference, and to vent a little, here’s a list of things I need to work on.

  1. Use 4th gear to drive at 60.
  2. Use 2nd gear at all turns and roundabouts.
  3. You have 2-3 houses to pull over.
  4. Don’t indicate when you’ve pulled over.
  5. Take roundabouts at 20km/h.
  6. LOOK to see if there’s a car coming on your right. Douche!
  7. If there’s something obstructing your view, wait for it to move or take it slowly enough to avoid a car should they come.
  8. To reverse park, go two bays ahead, line the middle of the car up with the bay, lock the steering until you’re parallel, straighten the wheels, then reverse in.
  9. Drive SLOWER, especially in car parks.
  10. Use first gear if you have to drive slowly. It’s not just for starting.
  11. They’re anal about how close to the white line you stop.
  12. Look everywhere before you pull out of a bay.
  13. Engage the clutch 10 metres before you take a turn.
  14. Check the mirrors every single time you even think of slowing down.
  15. Indicate 30 metres beforehand, and slowtheheckdown no matter how pissed off the car behind you feels.
  16. When correcting parking, pull straight out.
  17. Indicate when you’re reverse parking.
  18. They’re not going to test you on parallel parking.
  19. Don’t leave your left foot on the clutch unless you’re changing gears.
  20. Don’t accellerate at roundabouts unless there’s no chance there’s a car on the right.
  21. They’re testing you on whether you’re a safe driver. Everything else is secondary to that.

What annoys me is that he said this is the "right" way to drive. I don’t believe in right, Mister. Postmodernism says I’M right. But you know what annoys me even more? The fact that I’m so terrified of failing all of a sudden that I’ll listen to everything freaking thing he says because I’m willing to grovel to prove I deserve a licence.

I should also mention that my placement for next semester hinges on whether I get my licence in time. If I don’t have my license by July 27 then I can’t do my training at Parkerville. Even if I don’t get my licence in time, I just want it so I don’t have to see my instructor again and I don’t have to sit a test ever again. Bethwyn, I’m so sorry I didn’t understand how much pressure you were under. I’m sorry for being impatient and I’m sorry I wasn’t more supportive. Congratulations on passing your test- I’m starting to realise just how big an achievement that is.

I need to centre myself before I lose it.


2 thoughts on “I had no idea driving sucked so much.

  1. Bethwyn says:

    if it helps at all, baby, a lot of people do it. They learn all the little anal things about driving, and then, as soon as they’ve got their licence, all that goes out the window. which is kind of a bad thing now that I think about it… XD

  2. bronwyn says:

    If you don’t want to see your instructor again, why don’t you just get a new one?

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