I’m not sure why I’m writing this. I don’t want anyone in particular to read it, but I suppose I want to tell it to someone anyway. I’m having trouble studying. I keep procrastinating. I procrastinate before I start studying. I get distracted every few seconds while I am studying. So I stop studying by procrastinating. And it’s all very, very frustrating.

I want to go to work so I don’t have to study. I’m a fruitcake, with extra nut.

It’s driving me crazy. All this time (a whole week) supposed to be dedicated to study. And with all the time, surely a few hours here and there couldn’t be so hard? Well, I’ve been awake since 10 o clock with studying for an hour as my ONLY goal, and I’ve only gotten halfway there. What the hell is keeping me? Why am I taking so long?

I just want to stop thinking about needing to study.

On the bright side, should be over in a week and a half. In fact, here’s a list of things I’m looking forward to.

1. Finishing exams so I can spend time with all my friends and, hopefully, hours and hours of gaming.
2. Work. Why? Because it’s simple and rewarding when I’m allowed to go at my own pace (which I’m slowly trying to speed up).
3. Margaret River.
4. Japan. That’s a while away.
5. My driving test two weeks from now.
6. My license when I pass my driving test. (may need to bridge the gap between sitting test and passing somehow.)
7. Seeing Bethwyn some time. Any time, every time, all the time.
8. Playing Star Wars as soon as I finish this last topic.
EDIT: 9. Changing my work shifts so I’m free in the evening. Freed up to kick some ass, that is. (Hope to join Cobra, Aikido, Karate or Capoiera in the near future. Other arts to come.)


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