So I just wanted to slip in a quick note about how I’m going in my life at the moment.

Uni’s a bitch, but only because of a major law assignment due on Friday. It’s been giving me significant stress, due two weeks after the last law assignment so I’ve been frantically trying to do enough work for it. I’ve done five readings so far, which probably isn’t the greatest effort, but I’ll try and do two or three more tomorrow, plan out the essay, and sit down and write it over Wednesday and Thursday.

Work’s pretty okay! Although I don’t get paid well, I do admit that I like the way my job is going. I hardly get spoken to by Kyra or Michelle (though I’m still a wee bit scared of them when I do, but they’re apparently getting nicer which is a pleasant change. I also acknowledge my view of people is naively simplistic, based entirely on how nice people are to me.) and am more-or-less left alone to work at my own (rather comfortable) pace. The work isn’t hard or challenging, just tiring sometimes, but can be quite satisfying and helping people is surprisingly rewarding. The music’s good, I’m left to entertain myself with happy thoughts and stupid jokes, and I’ve been getting heaps of work lately (20 hours or so). The downside? No assignment time. But that’s cool, I’m making the most of good times at Coles and stocking up on cash for a potential holiday.

I’ve been insanely tired recently. Sleep doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. I get a little dizzy and, as always, I’m quite willing to nap during the day. I suspect my iron levels are low, so I’ve booked a doctor’s appointment to get that checked out.

Thank God You’re Here is back on! Hooray!

Things with Bethwyn are positively wonderful. My relationship is in a great place at the moment, despite my stress. Every day with her is a happy day indeed. If it weren’t for all my stuff being here, I’d probably live at her house. She completes me in every way, and I’m very happy she’s in my life.

So things are pretty good, for now. I’m sure I’ll think otherwise in a day or two when the pressure’s starting to get to me, but I’m trying to take care of myself until that point. So enough about me, how about you? How’s everyone doing? Studying hard? Working hard? Resting hard? What’s everyone been up to?


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