“Mania: an excessively intense enthusiasm, interest or desire.”

It seems that every now and then I like to write a blog entry about how stressed I am having spent the last 7056 hours working on some assignment or another.

Well, not today, no sir! I’m not so much stressed as manic. I’m in this strange state flooded by autonomic hormones where everything I come up with seems hilarious and I’m talking not only to myself, but to the textbooks I am drawing information from. I cannot seem to calm down at all. It’s not unpleasant, just curious. I wonder how long this state will last. At any rate, I’m going to Taekwondo in ~40 minutes (which I may or may not continue- I’ve found new reason to train in the form of a new sparring partner who pushes me to keep on my toes) so I should burn off most of the adrenaline then.

Well, pip pip friends! It’s back to emancipatory practice to encourage every man and woman’s right to self-determinism via the strengths perspective. Tally ho!

PS: I don’t even remember how self-determinism fits in to the assignment. My memory seems to span only a few seconds, but my concentration can last up to a minute or two.


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