I think I’m beginning to understand now…

I’m not right because everyone is right. Foucault writes about truth as being created as a product of social interaction (that is to say, every person makes their own ‘version’ of the truth by interacting with other people), and so there are many truths that exist simultaneously, or conversely, no such thing as truth at all. So no Liz, I don’t believe that if x punched y in the face, that would be the truth. I believe x might have considered it a wave of his hand and y considered it an attempt on her life. Each member of the jury, depending on their personal histories and current social contexts, will have different interpretations of what is "true".

So I am right, but only to me or anyone who thinks exactly along the same lines as I do (which I believe is impossible).
I concede, also, that you are right too, and you always will be.

This postmodernism stuff really does your head in.


One thought on “Dawn

  1. Ivy says:

    try studying post modern art.

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