Mr Right

I just wanted to post about something I realised in Statutory Social Work today. We were talking about difficulties we might be confronted with in future practice and I admitted it would be hard for me to accept an opinion contrary to my own. And that made me realise that I believe I’m always right. Through logic and observation, I arrive at a conclusion which I believe to be the "most correct" one. I might alter this conclusion based on what someone else believes (because I always try hard to hear other’s opinions and beliefs, even if they don’t match with my own) but ultimately I will always be right. And the notion that "right" does not exist.. It’s just unfathomable. Not to say I’m wrong, but just to say I’m not right… Every part of my rejects this idea as ludicrous, as an impossibility not worth entertaining. And I’m not sure how to get around this, because while I believe it’s not a particularly healthy mental attitude to have I can’t think of a way of functioning without it.

Any ideas anyone? :)
I’ll probably listen to them, see what works with me and possibly adopt some of them before discarding the rest as "other opinion". I can’t help but feel I’m being a bit of a prick…

Karate, by the way, was enjoyable. It’s very different to Taekwondo in philosophy and style, although the techniques are almost all the same. I feel a little sore from some of the exercises (especially in my big toes- how did I manage that?) but it was fantastic using hands to block and counter rather than to guard. I believe I’ll continue with Taekwondo for a few months, compete in a tournament or two, maybe go for my second dan, but eventually I plan to switch to Shito-Ryu Karate entirely. I met a girl there who is in the state karate team- it is one of my heart’s great desires to challenge her in combat. Can my shield of kicks hold a lightning fast hand striker at bay? Not to mention she actually blocks kicks rather than avoids them. It should be interesting, but some day I’m going to challenge that lass. Can’t imagine I’d win, but it would be an education experience.

Well, cheerio!


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