Internet chop

Okay, so my internet went from being slower than dial-up to non-existent when we switched providers to iinet. Hopefully I’ll get dial-up again in a few days, and in a few weeks back to broadband. Sigh.
Just a quick note. I rocked up to Curtin’s Karate club yesterday afternoon at the Dome. Training was supposed to start at 6:30 but I arrived early to get ready. there was no one there except two of my friends who were also trying out. We waited there (in the correct place at the correct time), trying to call the sensei and his assistant, but after forty-five minutes we went home karate-less. I was disappointed beyond measure, but have sent an email to the club in the hopes of receiving some kind of explanation.
Very much looking forward to future potential classes.
EDIT: Nevermind. To my chagrin I found an email sent three days prior to training saying that the Dome hadn’t finished construction so training was continuing in the old venue. Pssht. Stupid lack of internet. Ultimately, though, it’s still my fault. sent a rather abashed email to the club, not sure if I have the face to go again tomorrow. Probably will. Ciao.
PS: Work in 35 minutes, takes 20 minutes to get home and 10 minutes to get there. Stupid want for moneys.

One thought on “Internet chop

  1. Bethwyn says:

    I love you. Sorry about Karate. :(

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