I know I write about this a lot but it’s just such a big part of my life. I was reading a book I found amongst my Dad’s ancient tomes. It was written in 1962 and is a compilation of secret martial art techniques and styles from around the world, their basics and their principles. I was reading a chapter on hardcore Indian boxing and I thought, Would I ever want to learn this? Admittedly, being able to take a full strength punch to the face without batting an eyelash would have its advantages, and being able to punch steel walls for hours without injury would be impressive, but… The philosophy of basically being completely and fully able to kill your opponent doesn’t sit with me. The more vicious you are, the more you let go of morals and limits and mercy, the more powerful you become. But it is those inhibitions, that morality that makes us human, able to judge when enough is enough. Animals can kill in rage but humans can choose to kill in perfect calm, in cold blood. And I don’t want to be one of the people where strength and domination is the number one reason for training. It’s just not worth what you’d have to give up. And should I ever come across an Indian boxer, I would feel no shame in losing to him, because I have more to live for than that.

Now I’m not so sure I want to learn Wushu or the more deadly arts, just because of what the power implies… Strength to kill and cripple should never be taken lightly, and only with purpose. Maybe I don’t want that power. Heh.

I’m really keen on capoeira at the moment. When I was learning to dance with Caysin, I busted out my poor attempt at the jinga. The dance teacher recognised it and started playing with me, and that was really cool. It’s an awesome form of dance and really athletic. If my shoulder ever heals I’d love to pick it up. Plus it’s mostly harmless and serves as a cool party trick. Hardly risk of death, unlike krav maga for instance (sorry Derrick). Or maybe I’ll just pick up French knitting, ’cause that’s kinda cool too…

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