My Holidays Part 2

Now that my holiday has concluded, I have one or two points to add…

My bajillionaire uncle (the one with the plantation) giving us free accommodation at the five star Highlands Hotel in Genting. Furthermore, we didn’t just stay in an ordinary room- we stayed in the executive suite of "Club Elite" on the 17th floor. It was by far the nicest place I have ever stayed in my whole life.

The theme parks at Genting. Because several five star hotels in the misty mountains aren’t enough, throw in a few theme parks why don’t you, just for a ripping good holiday. Those rides were magnificent, the Flying Rollercoaster in particular. Eugene and I yelled "Meine Kampf!" and laughed maniacally, to the amusement of all within earshot I imagine.

The Log Flume ride. It’s one of those ones where you sit in a log-boat and go rushing down a steep decline getting sprayed by gallons of water. Eugene and I were absolutely soaked, and laughing we decided to look as wet and miserable as possible when we pulled in to the station. The sight of us, looking down with wet hair in our eyes, hunched over and glancing up briefly to meet the eyes of those next in the ride… It must’ve been terrifying because two girls at the front of the line just looked at us before climbing out and leaving. Eugene and I couldn’t stop laughing. But seriously, we saved them from a soaking, so really it was a favour…

Dreamz, also at Genting, was a illusionist show crossed with Cirque du Soleil choreography/dancing with a live band. My favourite magic trick was when the magician was chained down to a platform and put in a box while a gigantic jigsaw came down to saw him in half. He used his "magic" to undo most of the locks, but he didn’t have enough time to break the last one as the saw cut him in half sending shreds of his shirt everywhere. Children cried but I grinned. His two halves, torso and legs, moved independently of each other, and after being wheeled around for a bit, he put himself back together, used his "magic" to raise the saw and flattened the box without ever touching it. Pretty sweet, ne?

The arcade at 11pm! Eugene and I wandered around wasting money on various games before finding Silent Hill. We played that for a little over an hour, shooting the incarnations of some poor girl’s tortured past (or something). It was awesome and terrifying.

Ordering pizza to our room at 1:30 in the morning! Just ’cause we could! I ate that badboy like it was my last meal, and damn did it taste good.

Going for a drive/walk with dear Yi Qian. It was truly wonderful to spend some quality time with her at last and to learn a little more about what I’ve missed this past year. Good luck for Canada my dear cousin! Gambatte!

A certain pink "Vietnam kimono" made from Vietnamese silk. It was beautiful and embossed with floral designs, almost sakura, and I thought of Bethwyn immediately. So, struggling not to show too much interest, I asked the lady behind the counter how much it was. When she wrote down the price I had to read it three times to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. 130000 dong? That was… $12! Holy shit! No, no don’t panic, keep calm, don’t look like you’re interested. Even though it’s an insanely good bargain it’s still traditional to haggle. So… 120000? Okay? Done! Yaaahooooo!

A pimpingly awesome red and gold gown for myself. I just found out it’s reversible, so it also has a black side with a red dragon emblem. Awesome.

Dance classes with Caysin! I learned the very, very basics of hip hop: the up bounce, the down bounce, the knee lift and the head… nod. It was surprisingly difficult. I only joined to appease Caysin- I’d wanted to learn break dancing but my left shoulder had been hurting so much that I couldn’t even lift my arm above my head. However, Caysin dropped out about two minutes after the class started, and then the remaining three people in that class slowly wandered off. Leaving me with the teacher. Bouncing. It was actually really fun once I got past my inhibitions and let go a little bit. I think with a little more practice I might actually enjoy dancing, now that I kinda know how. Kinda.

Archery! As well as being awesome in every way imaginable, Genting had an archery field. Unfortunately because of my shoulder injury I could only shoot two arrows with my right hand, which were excruciating by themselves, before switching to my left hand for the remaining 24. I’m not particularly good, but I like to think if I could use my right hand I’d be all right. All the same, it was AWESOME.

Eugene and I watching Inkheart at Gerney Plaza, Penang. Two tickets plus a large popcorn and drink? RM28.50, or roughly $10AU. We went nuts.

Even more tosai! Yaaaay!

Shiki in general. She’s the most brilliant, beautiful 10-year-old out there and she’s going to accomplish so much in life. I admire her for remaining on a higher level of thought than most people consider possible for one so young- she’s highly observant and very mature, though I can tell she enjoys acting like a kid too. I also admire her maturity when she’s upset- she doesn’t scream or cry or hit, she just becomes very quiet and she might leave until she’s feeling better. I wish I could do that. Sweetest kid.

Hiro Nakamura, in "Saving Charlie" (a Malaysian best-selling book based on the brief romance between Hiro and Charlie in Season 1).

Hm… that’s all that comes to mind for now! Good stuff though, holidaying. Pictures hopefully posted soon. Ja, ne?

EDIT: Oh and, I’ve gotten a replacement simcard so essentially, I’ve got a new phone. It is, however, quite empty. So if you’re reading this would you be so kind as to either leave a comment, send a text or send an email with your number on it? Many thanks :)


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