Just re-reading the last entry, I’d like to make a comment or two.
I watched a fight scene from a movie in a DVD store yesterday. It was a fight between a Kung Fu master and a Taekwondo master. The styles were so enormously distinct, I could see the advantages and disadvantages of both. But, as I would have predicted, the Kung Fu master beat the absolute shit out of the Taekwondo master, who could (only once or twice) penetrate the former’s incredible guard. So yes, I believe Kung Fu to be a superior art and well worth learning. But not to be the best fighter.
That’s my second comment. I am trying, quite hard, to let go of my ego. To stop pretending I’m the best fighter around, to keep telling myself how awesome I am. I know I’m not the best, and I must humble myself, to learn the true purpose of the skills I have learned. And, returning to the humbleness at which I started training, I’d like to learn other arts. Yes, to cover the weaknesses of the others so I might defend myself and my loved ones better. But also out of respect to each art, its philosophies, its teachings, its styles. I believe that the martial arts reflect different ways of engaging with conflict and different approaches to coming out alive at the end. Some I respect more than others, some just look plain fun. All of them are good for the mind, body and soul. I wish to humble myself and learn what I am capable of. That is the reason I first devoted myself to the arts. I must return to my roots so I might continue to grow.
Moving on to something entirely different…

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