A Play, by the Marshalls

Dad: …and I said, ‘Can you say it any shorter?’ Laughs at own joke.
Eugene: I’ve applied for a job in England.
Dad: John, do you remember when you were a baby you used to say…
Me: Oh my God, I don’t believe that. How self-centred can a person be? I mean, his son just…
Dad continues to tell story.
Eugene: Now I can say I told them.
Me: Ah, but you haven’t told Mum.
Eugene pauses and walks up to Mum.
Eugene: I’m thirsty. Get me a drink.
Mum gets a cup out and opens the fridge.
Eugene: (clearly and loudly) I’ve applied for a job in London.
Mum hands him the drink, chewing absent-mindedly on her muesli, having not heard a single word and walks away to finish breakfast.
Me: Oh my God! That was incredible!
Eugene: See how masterful I am?
John cracks up laughing uncontrollably for several minutes.

Ah, at times like these if my life were documented it would make a hilarious sitcom.


One thought on “A Play, by the Marshalls

  1. Bethwyn says:

    dear lord.a job in England? tell him to mind my family ~

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