The Neoliberalist Manifesto

I am $13.74 an hour.
I am ~45 cartons an hour.
I am a member of the staff, happy, friendly, and willing to help, so long as you’ll keep buying stuff.

In an increasingly homogenesing world, the trend seems to be towards the western market. Ideals of capitalism are manifest in Australia’s economic rationalist regime, and if you have no idea what that means, it essentially means that value is measured by how much you can make off it. Rainforests are measured by the potential profit gained from logging them, versus the cost of preserving them. Companies pretend to care about the environment, but only enough so they can get away with other forms of exploitation. And in all of this, human labour, effort, creativity, is measured by how much money you can make in return. Art is not beautiful unless it will sell. And it is this logic that devalues the nature and purpose of work.

Marx wrote that sooner or later, the working class is going to get pissed off that they’re being exploited by the ruling elite. They’re going to insurrect, to revolt, and create a new social order. The signs of the conflict are becoming increasingly apparent. Jobs, hours and wages are being cut as this ‘global economic crisis’ strikes terror into the hearts of investors everywhere. Pressure from work is messing with family life, and God forbid if family life every tries to interfere with work, because it’s just not showing your dedication to the team. How this insurrection will take place, if ever, I’ve no idea. But I wouldn’t mind if it came sooner rather than later.

I just wanted to say that, all you poor labourers out there, don’t lose faith. Don’t give up. Don’t hate your work because you hate what your boss is doing to it. Because our system sucks. A society based on profit is going to lead to misery and wealth for a select, miserable few. And it was not always like this, and I pray it will not be some day. So be the pioneers of this era and work because it’s beautiful, because it helps people, because you love it, whatever. But don’t do it for the money for Christ’s sake, there’s enough of that going on and you’ll only fuel a system of exploitation and hurt.

I just wanted to get the hurt out of my own system. That said and done, I’m going to bed so I can wake up and be with my girlfriend. Good night all.

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