Margaret River Recount

All right, so here it is. A more thorough recount of the week I spent at Margaret River, in the delightful company of Bethwyn, Bob, John, Aurora, Nicolette and myself. It seems very sad that the holiday is over now, like there’s not much to look forward to, but that’s rubbish of course. Probably comes from feeling sick and crummy. Anyway, the holiday. I’m feeling rather poor at the moment, and I feel it’s tarnishing the memories to describe them in such a state, but I’ll give it a crack anyway.

My top five happy memories from Margaret River?

5. Soul Calibur tournaments.
4. Starting the days with yoga and meditation.
3. A towel and tea-towel war where I seemed to be the only one who didn’t walk away with a large welt/bruise.
2. Getting slightly drunk for the first time. It was quite sensational noting how my reflexes slowed and my coordination was scrambled.
1. Sharing a bed with Bethwyn. Feeling her warmth, in particular, was one of the most wonderful sensations of my life. And God she’s beautiful when she’s asleep.

Of course that’s only the very small sliver of the pleasures of Margaret River. Let’s see if I can name a few more…

There was doing handstands on the beach and trying to keep my balance
in all sorts of ridiculous ways.
Playing I-Ninja and Soul Calibur and
Naruto on my PS2.
Watching Black Books (Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey-
The berry farm and finding exactly how beautiful a garden
can be- and the most delicious pancakes in the world with a fig of
lavender on the side.
Bethwyn’s incredible beauty, no matter what she
wore or how she looked.
Drunken poker, hide and seek and spoons.
Drunken anything, actually.
Sparring with Aurora.
All the
stupid jokes and noises John and Bob made.
Catching Bethwyn catch me
dancing as I made breakfast for myself.
Giving Bethwyn massages and
getting her food, drinks and ice cream.
Smiling as she asked if she
minded if she shared my toothbrush for a night.
Spaghetti. Always
Dumplings in soup and fat magpies who ate the leftovers.

Shattering a wine glass with my foot.
Building sand castles on the beach.
The chocolate factory and a certain orange bottle purchased there.
Wine and cheese tastings.
Running playfully down
the street with Bethwyn laughing just as wildly.
Air guitaring.

Discovering I’m pretty decent at Quake 3; Bob thinks I’m better than
him because he saw my score- I didn’t tell him I was camping.
just sharing a bed with Bethwyn earns another mention.
Discovering how
awesome Nicolette’s sense of humour is, and her taste in junkfood.

Spending $52 and 35 minutes at Margies Pizza only to walk down the road
to find Eagle Boys were selling theirs for $5.95 and 5 minutes a piece.

Talking skating with John.
Smiling at the moon and having it smile back
at me.
Laughing as Bethwyn "sunk my battleship".
Winning all forty
bottlecaps in poker and deciding to invest them in a mansion for Bethwyn and
Aurora’s outfits.
Projectors + movies (and Terry Tate).
A surf
shop called "Wet Dreams".
Sitting and reading with Bethwyn. Just sitting, just reading. Enormous levels of pleasure for something so simplistic.
Lychee body butter. Alas!

Hm… Well, that’s all I’ve got for the moment, but I’m sure there’ll be more. Good times indeed, I miss them, but look forward to the future. Maybe another holiday is in order- once I replenish my funds, anyway. Pip pip, and good day!

One thought on “Margaret River Recount

  1. Bethwyn says:

    I loved all of these things too!!and you make me smile wider than a cheshire cat. or totoro. or THE CAT BUS. >I am not addicted to My Neighbour Totoro, btw<I love you.

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