I have never met any female who is as dedicated to the martial arts and their philosophies as I am.
I have, however, met a number of males who share my valour.
Therefore, I conclude, it must be a guy thing.

In completely different and less sexist news, November brings about a bajillion new games, all of which I want to play. Raaargh. Despite this, I have approximately 30 games which I bought (because they’re awesome) but haven’t played yet. So I cannot in good conscience buy further games, no matter how tempting. Thus I resign my holiday to many, many hours of gaming. Let them commence soon.

In other news, Bethwyn and I have officially been together for over a year now. I wonder why it is I don’t write as much about her? I get the impression no one would want to read it, though I’m not sure if that’s entirely accurate either… Anyway, we’re happier than ever (I hope!) and Margaret River is a little over a week away. There are, as they say, only good times ahead.


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