It has been a looooooong-arse day, man. I’ve done the majority of a 1700 word assignment and I’m pretty sure I could finish it in about an hour or so. My nine hour shift of work was cancelled (they called me at about 6:45 yesternight- talk about last minute) so I’ve had the whole day to do it. It’s been challenging, having a whole day to do work, but I’ve more or less gotten through it (after a few hiccups).

Anyway, the reason I’m posting is because I’ve been thinking of someone I admire. And I admire him for a reason that’s just that little bit too strange to actually tell him. He wrote an amazingly long thesis over a couple of days/weeks, churning out around 10 000 words a day, and that phenomenal, whole-hearted concentration on a single piece of work is amazing. It’s mindblowing, and I think it might just kill me if I tried to do the same. So I have great respect for this person for rising to such an incredible challenge. He’s probably done the hardest assessment of his life (or one of them, anyway), so next time an academic piece of writing comes up, he’ll be able to hammer it and say ‘This is nothing. I wrote a bajillion word thesis. I laugh at your futile attempt to stifle me.’

And though I can’t quite say it to his face, I’m proud of that boy. Maybe I should just toughen up about a meagre 1700 word assignment which I’ve had around 3 weeks to do? It’s almost done, and though I’ve two exams left after that, I should more-or-less be fine, so long as I keep my focus on one thing at a time.

In other news, my chest hurts like a bitch from some injury I must have sustained at Taekwondo today. I wasn’t kicked as far as I can recall, but whenever my chest expands (through a deep breath or by stretching my arms to move or reach for something) I get a pang of pain. I’m hoping this goes away by itself and I haven’t fractured my sternum or any suchlike. Plus my joints continue to weaken and I’m satirically starting to wonder when they’ll all pop out simultaneously. Gotta join a gym some time soon…


2 thoughts on “Mensa

  1. Bethwyn says:

    my…brother? is it him? because honestly, it’s his own fault for leaving it that late XD

  2. bronwyn says:

    The pain you felt was most probably sustained from the stress of working on your assignment all day, not Taekwondo.

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