The Beginning and the End

And so the circle continues! I’ve finally become a legal adult. Psht, overrated, but even so, I cannot deny how excited I am. I’ve been thinking about this with increasing enthusiasm for days, and so far? I have to say it’s pretty awesome. Not a bad start with my first legal drink (ahh Baileys. It warms the soul) and a Hylian Crest along the way. Moreso, Guitar Hero Aerosmith is awaiting me when enough people are awake plus I’ve got celebrations ahead. Might grab myself a proof of age card, possibly try and donate blood within the next couple of days, maybe walk into an adult shop, laugh, and walk out… Ahh the possibilities!

Well, my good folks, I have been awake far too long as is, and as much as I’m enjoying the thrill of youthful exuberance that comes with finally shedding onesself of one’s ‘childhood’ (what a ridiculous way of measuring adulthood we have- hardly a rite of passage at all), I smother it now insofar as possible to enjoy what may be left of a good night’s sleep. Peace, my brothers and sisters, and keep it real in the soul, yeah?

Love, and not at all drunk,


(seriously. it was one glass.)


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