Does anyone remember Captain Planet? Well I do. And I was talking to Jordan and Aaron at work today, a pair of 15-year-olds, and they’d never seen Captain Planet before. And I was devastated. I could not imagine a childhood without everyone uniting in their love for Captain Planet. And it made me feel old. Like, really old. As in, I’m no longer a teenager, I can’t associate with the youngen’s anymore. A party I went to a few months ago had a few people dressed up as Planeteers, and everyone there got it and admired their ingenuity. But if Jordan and Aaron had been there, they would have been confused, like I would have been if I’d been with my parents at a party and they started talking about whatever ‘ancient’ crap it was they used to watch. And that parellel shocks me, because I’m those parents, and pretty soon I’ll be sitting on a rocking chair and telling stories about the good old days when five kids could combine their powers to make Captain Planet.


Is this what it means to get old?


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