101 in 1001 bump

Just thought I’d bump this again to let y’all know how I’m going. Quite well, I think! 56 down, 45 to go. I have a little under two years to complete the rest of it, so things are looking all right!

Basically completely stolen from Lee’s blog,
the idea is that 101 tasks should be completed in 1001 days, or ~2.75
years. The goals don’t have to be impossible (they have to be doable),
but they do need to be completed. Lee had a great idea, which I will
also jip, and for every task undone, I will donate $5 to charity. Tasks
I have yet to do are in bold. The list begins henceforth.

1. Sponsor a child.
2. Offer to buy a homeless person a meal without being asked.
3. Do 10 chin-ups.
4. Read a non-fiction book.
5. Get a job.
6. Meditate every day for a week.
7. Draw a picture.
8. Go for 40 hours without eating.
9. Watch all the Lord of the Rings films in a row.
10. Write a letter to someone I’ve never met in person.
11. Go to an art gallery.
12. Go to a museum (wax or otherwise).
13. Not talk to anyone for a whole day.
14. Have a real sword fight.
15. Hug a stranger.
16. Get into uni.
17. Visit a Buddhist temple.
18. Go on an Edmund Rice Camps for Kids WA camp.
19. Give $300 or more to India.
20. Go rock climbing.
21. Take a massage course.
22. Pass four of the Zelda games.
23. Campaign/protest/rally against something.
24. Dress-up for some reason.
25. Attend a yoga or tai chi class.
26. Sit in the city and write stories about interesting people.
27. Start weight training.
28. Have a drum lesson.
29. Climb in through a window rather than use the door.
30. Play laser tag.
31. Celebrate Day of the Ninja.
32. Look at all the new deviations on my deviantART account.
33. Watch at least three episodes of "24".
34. Go to the movies by myself.
35. Learn first aid.
36. Watch a documentary.
37. Get drunk.
38. Spend a whole day in the library, from the hour it opens to the hour it closes.
39. Buy a work of art.
40. Become an official member of Amnesty International.
41. Go to a real party.
42. Go to the zoo. Pay homage to the penguins.
43. Get my P’s.
44. Have my tarot read.
45. Take someone out to lunch.
46. Make something out of a cookbook.
47. Hold a hand stand for 5 seconds.
48. Join aikido.
49. Visit Katie’s house.
50. Pass Final Fantasy X.
51. Pass every song on Guitar Hero III, all difficulties.
52. Eat a whole apple, even the core.
53. Watch at least three new animes.
54. Help an old lady carry her shopping/cross the street.
55. Hug a male.
56. Re-learn all the Hiragana characters.
57. Learn Morse Code.
58. Play a game of poker.
59. Get "Age: 20" 100 times in the Wii Fitness Test.
60. Catch a train to somewhere I’ve never been.
61. Ride a horse.
62. Taste Dr. Pepper.
63. Solve a rubics cube.
64. Complete a jigsaw puzzle.
65. Make a shirt.
66. Go to a play.
67. Try archery.
68. Run up a downwards escalator.
69. Give someone a bouquet.
70. Try a dessert I’ve never heard of before.
71. Release an arrow from its bow.
Learn the language Al Bhed.
73. Wear contact lenses.
74. Learn 100 new words.
75. Get a pet dog or rabbit.
76. Punch someone in the face.
77. Learn calligraphy.
78. Give a waiter/waitress a tip.
79. Learn to cook
80. Sit an IQ test.
81. Go ice skating.
82. Join a gym.
83. Officially start learning another language.
84. Go overseas.
85. Ride a bike to the city (or somewhere equally painful).
86. Cosplay for an anime convention.
87. Walk somewhere that takes more than an hour (on foot) to reach.
88. Buy a CD from a busker.
89. Do a front flip or barrel roll.
90. Sit down in a park to read a book or write a story.
91. Donate blood.
92. Enter a competition.
93. Write on every single page of my 2007 diary.
94. Get a zippo lighter.
95. Attempt to drink an egg.
96. Read a magazine from cover to cover.
97. Ride a roller coaster.
98. Buy a doll from Oxfam.
99. Take swimming lessons.
100. Finish reading the rest of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.
101. Go to Scitech.

tell ya, it took me half an hour to come up with the last ten. It
really gets hard towards the end there. Anyways, if anyone can help in
any way, I’d appreciate it. Once again, kudos to Lee for the idea. My
101 in 1001 begins on the 10th of December, 2007, and will conclude on
the 28th of September, 2010. Wish me luck.

EDIT: 68 has been changed from "Get a boxing bag" to "Run up a downwards escalator".
EDIT: 25 has been changed from "Go to a real party" to "Attend a yoga or tai chi class".
EDIT: 101 has been changed from "Do the splits" to "Go to Scitech".
EDIT: 73 has been changed from "Get contact lenses" to "Wear contact lenses".
EDIT: 41 has been changed from "Throw a shuriken" to "Go to a real party".
EDIT: 98 has been changed from "Pay back all my financial debts" to "Buy a doll from Oxfam".
EDIT: 66 has been changed from "Voluntarily go to some kind of performance (eg. circus, concert, play etc.)" to "Go to a play".
51 has been changed from "Pass every song on Guitar Hero III, all
difficulties" to "Pass every song on Guitar Hero III, Hard Mode".
40 has been changed from "Get a state alchemist’s pocketwatch (from
Fullmetal Alchemist)." to "Become an official member of Amnesty
EDIT: 80 has been changed from "Write a play" to "Create a postal stamp".
EDIT: 35 has been changed from "Read all of Sunshine’s blog" to "Learn first aid".
EDIT: 31 has been changed from "Celebrate the International Day of the Ninja" to "Celebrate Day of the Ninja".
EDIT: 80 has been changed from "Create a postal stamp" to "Sit an IQ test".
EDIT: 21 has been changed from "Obtain all the Animorph books" to "Take a massage course".
EDIT: 99 has been changed from "Touch a celebrity" to "Take swimming lessons".
EDIT: 82 has been changed from "Sleep outside (preferably under a bridge)" to "Join a gym".
EDIT: 71 has been changed from "Learn to juggle bowling pins/knives/flaming torches" to "Release an arrow from its bow".
EDIT: 79 has been changed from "Go to a shooting range" to "Learn to cook".
EDIT: 85 has been changed from "Use only chopsticks for every meal for
three days" to "Ride a bike to the city (or somewhere equally painful)".
EDIT: 14 has been changed from "Have a real sword fight with bokken or shinnai" to "Have a real sword fight".
EDIT: 83 has been changed from "Wear a cape/cloak for an hour or more" to "Officially start learning a new language".


4 thoughts on “101 in 1001 bump

  1. Bethwyn says:

    I’m happy to help with 69..AND 75!!! zomg, can we really?? I want to come and help you chooooooseeee~~<333

  2. bronwyn says:

    Hey ur more than halfway there, congrats John! :) I’ll bet there’s an entertaining story behind completing number two. Hmm and cld help u with the bike riding to the city. Its not so much painfull, just kinda tiring wen ur doing it for the first time.

  3. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    Let’s do 9!
    I reckon I would find 13 relaxing.
    Surely you’ve already done 22?
    Lasertag as in Zone 3? Let’s do it, it’s wicked fun!
    37 you can do with me, I’ll make sure you don’t do anything stupid.
    38 would be awesome, imagine what you might come across.
    I would also really like to do 43.
    You’ve done 66! We went to Macbeth in Year 12.

  4. John says:

    Ah, but this list was made after I’d seen the play. Thank you for your commentary, as always my friend.

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