Tribute to Angel

Four archers, donned in night black leather armour, horned helmets on their heads, approached their prey. They were a fierce team, spread out across the field as they closed in as one. Each of them worked in perfect unison to cover the others at all times, and all four of them were now entirely focused on hitting one mark.

Angel took a deep breath and bent his knees, lowering his stance. This would be tough. The first arrow shot- BAM! Angel threw out his arm and the arrow halted in mid-air, three meters away from him. The second was released- BAM! it froze, the first dropping to the ground as he shifted his focus. BAM! the third, BAM! the fourth. All four arrows lay still in the grass. The archers exhaled in frustration and bewilderment. This was new. Angel returned his focus and all four arrows lifted into the air. They swivelled, each aiming at the archer whom released it. Throwing his hands forwards with a surge of energy, the arrows forward a few meters before descending into the grass uselessly. Angel grimaced and tried again, picking just one of them up. He drew his right hand back to his shoulder, invisible wisps of pearly energy linking his palm with the arrow, and- SNAP! He launched his palm forward with such speed his arm blurred. The arrow launched forward as though it had been fired from a catapalt and impaled the second man from the left. But rather than just stabbing into flesh and armour like any normal arrow would have done, its shaft passed three quarters of the way through him. He looked at it in awe and suddenly felt a little sick at the sight of it. He collapsed and Angel took a slight bow.

Would it be nice?


2 thoughts on “Tribute to Angel

  1. Bethwyn says:

    would what be nice, baby?:\are you okay??the story is wonderful, btw. :D:D I love your writing so much..

  2. John says:

    Thank you for asking. Nothing sinister, just watched a video of Criss Angel picking up a frizbee and flicking it to someone else. I personally think this is utter crap (no really, it’s terrible, I just wanted to write it), but it was just a cool idea. I’d love to be telekinetic. Speaking of which…

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