I wrote the first sentence to test out the new fountain pen Eugene bought me from Germany. From there, the rest of it kept flowing, impromptu, and I rather liked the result.

We lost many good men that day. True men, loyal to the covenant. Now only the faint echoes of their cries linger in the air, the last whisper of their legacy here on this earth. In time, even that will be forgotten, and all that will remain is the memories those brave souls have left with us.

I heard once that true immortality is to live on in the hearts of others. If this were to be taken as truth, then I have no doubt that each and every one of those men were Gods in their own right. Time shall not claim them whilst I am here to honour them.

I am the last testimony to those brave, true men who gave their lives for the smallest possibility, the slightest chance, at Freedom.


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