Standard run of the mill pimpin’ blog entry

A good day in the life of Xin.
12:00am: Watch the Olympics.
12:10am: Read "The Ninja".
12:45am: Sleep.
9:35am: Rise. Mmm cheese.
9:45am: Don "Cake is Awesome" shirt and go driving.
11:15am: Arrive at uni in one piece. Success.
11:30am: Organise study schedule for the following two weeks.
1:20pm: Stroll around leisurely and meditate.
1:30pm: Damn good vegie burger. Unite with Bethwyn.
2:15pm: Commence work.
2:30pm: Reunite with Bethwyn. Lay on the grass and duel with styluses.
3:30pm: Bump into Cloverfield and Jocelyn and not get recognised.
3:30pm: Feel devasted.
3:31pm: Cloverfield wakes up and says hello. Jocelyn compliments shirt. (Ahh Jocelyn, you will forever have a special place in my heart for being the first to do so. Like that guy in Al Kharid who was the first to address me as "My Lord" in Runescape. I asked him to follow me to the bank where I promptly gave him 10000 gold pieces.) Cloverfield yells out "I’m sorry Xin!" as I walk out of sight.
3:48pm: Writes overdue blog entry and checks time nervously.
3:49pm: Drags self away from computer and resumes work.

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