So I saw a specialist today about my legs, ne? Went to St John of God and waited for an hour to have a five minute session where he, perhaps a little coldly, tells me that I’m perfectly fine and that there’s no need to see him again. Certain people are more flexible than others, and because I’ve grown a great deal recently (he assumes), that’s what’s halting my flexibility.

I do not believe any of the above. I trust myself more than I trust him, and all I’ve gained from the encounter is the knowledge that, maybe I should stop waiting around for people to fix me. If I’m broken, I will fix myself. Patiently, with my knowledge of the human body and spirit. Kind of like Bruce Lee, who defied the people who said he would never walk again after taking a flying kick while his back was turned. At any rate, if there’s nothing wrong with me, great. If there is, I’ll deal with it.

Unfortunately, the wound from my stitches isn’t healing yet (it should have healed last week or so) but once that’s recovered, it’s back to training.
And from there maybe I can find time for kenjutsu.
And aikido.
And tai chi.
And yoga.
And swimming…


One thought on “Pending

  1. Bethwyn says:

    okay baby, I have faith in you. and yay for swimming! I’m thinking of taking it up again. I miss it so.and yoga! <3I want to learn a martial art…but I have almost zero money and hardly any time… siiigh.and yay for finding keys!!! :DI love you.

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