Child labour?

I thought about writing this in an email or writing it in my blog and I went for blog, because maybe somebody else can share an opinion.

Everyone who’s not studying seems to be working pretty well every day.

Kind of early, isn’t it? Money’s good and all, and lots of work means lots of money, but… To me, work has always been something to fill in the gaps of non-study, and a way of earning some extra money to spend on things you want but don’t need. So then, why’s everyone so keen to get, keep and work jobs?

A life of working, especially so young, is not a life I want to live. I’m not too sure what kind of life I seek- extreme sports or ultimate lazing (movies/video games all day), or some balance of the two… Whatever it is I want to spend the rest of my days doing, it’s not working. Not for another few years at the very very least. Maybe I’ll just go hunter gatherer and spend a few hours getting food and the rest of my day cruisin’ around making up cool new dances. Or maybe I’ll just go on welfare and hoard everything I have for as long as I can manage. Or maybe I’ll just get on a bike (of the motor, not push kind) and ride into the horizon with my girl, never to be seen again or something. I dunno, all these fantasies are nice (well… kinda), but in reality, I guess I’ll end up working whether I like it or not.

I don’t want to be a social worker anymore. I just want to sit home and write blog entries while going to work every now and then.


2 thoughts on “Child labour?

  1. Coco says:

    I don’t want to live my life doing something I don’t want to be doing every single day. These "survival" jobs are OK for saving up for things I want to do and can’t get a loan for (not that I’d want to take a loan out) but I’d rather not bother living my life if it’s going to be a struggle to get out of bed everyday because I hate my job. ><

  2. Georgie says:

    Did you ever consider that some people may actually like working? I could never sit around be so lazy and writing blog entries while occasionally going to work. In reality don’t YOU have better things to be doing than writing pointless blog entries that will hardly benefit you? I wouldn’t critisize people working at such young age it means they have goals and things to achieve and they’re working for it, thats a good thing : )

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