This is just your standard, angsty ranting blog entry. But I’m going to write it anyway, because I jolly well feel like it, yes I do.

One of the things that annoys me most is a change of plans. The more sudden it is, the more annoyed I get. When you’ve planned out your schedule for the week and you know exactly where you have to be at each day at what time, and all of a sudden SOMETHING changes, that bothers me. Everything else has to be reorganised, rescheduled, apologies are made, appointments are cancelled, the whole shebang. And then something else changes, which allows the original plans to take something of their former shape. Calls are made, texts are sent, more apologies and explanations and excuses and appointments. Fine, leave at that, we’ll say no more. But then something else changes and everything falls to pieces. And as the day goes on and the time for the said appointments draw nearer, more and more keeps changing and you just feel like back-handing someone, or just cancelling everything and handing out a big "Fuck you".

So here’s the plan.
-Wait for Bronwyn to get back to me about whether we’re meeting at Fremantle in 55 minutes. How I’ll get there, God knows.
-Head over to Bethwyn’s house to get picked up at 8 or 8:30. Not 11, not 9, but ~8.
-Father Michael’s funeral TOMORROW morning. Skipping the prayer vigil tonight. He’ll understand.
-Dr Mudhar TOMORROW AFTERNOON, 2:10pm. Don’t be late.
-Work at FIVE o’clock.
-Work all of FRIDAY.
-Jack’s partay.

If anything on that list changes, so help you God, I’ll kill you myself. Cheers.


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