A forgotten corner of a lonely Inn

It is timeless.
The seasons do not pass,
The leaves do not fall,
The snow covers the ground,
And the prints do you make will always be there, so tread lightly.

Reality flickers.
A hostile presence enters;
The Mistress of the Woods,
The Lady Wanderess, come to reign.

The trees change.
The cornerstone cracks.
One by one, the stories disappear.
The ground is poisoned.

A virus enters,
Corrupts the lore.
The residents fight,
But it is not enough without the Mistress.

Time flows on.
Inconsistencies between the worlds.
The Forest must give way.
It begins to crumble.

Save the forest.
Save the trees.
I must protect them from her.
Save, salvage everything.
Return it all.

It is mine.


One thought on “A forgotten corner of a lonely Inn

  1. Bethwyn says:

    I don’t entirely understand it..but I think it’s beautiful.I hope I’m not the Lady Wanderess? I don’t want to destroy everything….

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