Two cents

Two thoughts I’d just like to throw out there.
1. Sexual frustration in people causes them to act in desperation. Sometimes this is immoral, self-motivated or downright idiotic. If everyone was in a happy, healthy sexual relationship, the world would be a very different place.
2. Australia Day is not about Australia. The flags people don, the tattoos and body paint, the green and gold… It’s like the uniform for the day that everyone’s allowed to go down to the foreshore, get wildly drunk, and have an outrageously good time. This may or may not be true, but from what I saw this year, the anthem is just part of the celebration of having a good time, sort of like the Happy Birthday song. It’s not about celebrating that person’s anniversary of birth, it’s about the party and festivity. When one really thinks about it, perhaps we shouldn’t celebrate the day the Brittish invaded Australia and attempted to exterminate its inhabitants.

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