More thoughts on Social Work

At the risk of sounding emo, I don’t think I can take a lifetime of helping people. I love it, I love being that sort of person, but relentlessly, every day of my life, for the next few decades… I don’t think I can do it. I’m getting slightly depressed, which I think is a little pathetic, but it just fills me with despair. And I should avoid things that fill me with despair, right?
I care less and less about the problems in the world, rationalising it by saying "I’m doing enough, and I’ll be doing much more once I get my career going."
But really, I think my heart just can’t bear any more burdens than the knowledge that, in four years time, it’s all I’ll be doing.
PS: Every time I see Sue Lodge for my communications lecture, I get very distressed. If she is what results from years of helping people, then… So help me God,  it had better not be.

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