Rockin’, ass-whoppin’ scholar

First off, I have something I’d love to say. This will mean nothing to anyone who has not attempted "Cult of Personality", Expert Mode in Guitar Hero III. Cult of Personality, I freaking dommed your ass. Who’s the God of Rock? Me. Yeah that’s right, me. So shove it.

That said and done (yes, done, that’s right, I did it, I finally passed it), I ended up seeing the physio today after several weeks of waiting. I took some anti-inflammatories a while ago and stopped training at the end of October last year so I’ve had a good long break. I tried a few stretches and exercises, but they seemed to aggravate the injury further so I just stopped entirely. I’ve been dead set keen on resuming training, and seeing as my legs haven’t been bothering me much lately, I sought the professional opinion of the physio. Regardless of what he said, I would get back into it, but I just wanted to know if my legs would fall off in the process. He basically said things were okay, not perfect, and my injury would worsen if I continued training, but as long as I could tolerate it there was no serious problem. Fine by me! That very hour I donned my ceremonial garb and dropped by the dojan.

I cannot adequately describe in words my feelings as I returned to the training hall. I was terribly excited as I was getting ready, but as soon as I genuinely entered, I didn’t know what to do. Master Ross saw me and smiled wide, immediately leaving his class to greet me. He seemed so happy, I was surprised and very grateful. Mum explained what had happened and he told me to take it easy and go lightly to start off. As soon as I got on the training floor, I knew nothing had changed. Everybody fought in exactly the same way, with exactly the same habits. Despite being entirely out of practise, my body still remembered my training and I’d lost none of my old technique. My speed and power had dropped notably, but I’m not going to push myself.

In the coming months, I hope to achieve my black belt. After that, I’m going to buy my new uniform (I’ve refused to by the ‘advanced’ one until the day I can wear a black belt), learn another poomse and a few grabs, and leave until my legs have healed. If that’s years from now, or never, I will come to accept that. I wish very much to start aikido, and yoga if I find the time.

As to uni, well, I’ve been going there every day. Mornings have been highly unproductive, and so, very stressful. Afternoons at uni have been glorious- it’s so exciting, it feels… I feel accomplished, just for going. I’ve signed up for a stack of extra classes to learn how to cope with work and uni life, so I’ll be spending the vast majority of my time there, squeezing in work every now and then. I wonder if I’ll be this enthusiastic a month from now? Eep.

So that’s my life in a nutshell. I’m not getting as much social time as I’d like, but I don’t know, we’ll see if things get better next semester when I organise my timetable early. For now, I rather urgently need to sleep, so… Good night, dear readers, and best of luck to all of you!


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