Life in General

Just a quick update on my life.

Work turns out not to be so bad after all. $10.50 is a reasonable wage by all means, and (forgive the term) heaps better than most of the American population. I also learned quite guiltily that $5 an hour is decent in Singapore and any more is to be excited about. However, when your friend is getting $18 an hour for working in a Japanese restaurant, and your other friend can rake in up to $1800 a fortnight, despite my vast expanse of wealth I still feel I could be doing better. Especially since I could also work for Telstra and rake in said $1800.

I’ve worked 15 paid hours this week (Monday-Saturday constitutes a week, and right now it’s a Wednesday which is pretty darn impressive), which unfortunately doesn’t quite cover today’s spending bill.

To anyone who enjoys buying manga, you can get it 33% off until the 24th of January at Border’s, Perth. It’s a Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal. Craig and I thought it was hilarious how I went in there to buy one book, found out about the deal, and came back minutes later with 15 others. I was perfectly delighted to realise how much money I was saving- normally ~$311, yours for only $216.40. That’s a shiz load of money, but I actually have a source of income now! This makes me very happy! I didn’t "waste" that money, I don’t need to regret it seeing as I was going to buy all the Rurouni Kenshin books anyway, but to think that I can pay it all off in a couple of days? Sw00t.

Work’s not too bad, either. I haven’t worked deli, and I’ve had a few half-conversations with the girl who works there. I think, deep down, she understand and doesn’t hold it against me. All I did on Monday was wheel cages around the shop, putting overstock wherever it would fit on the aisles. For ~7.5 hours on Tuesday, all I did was fill pet food. There’s something terribly satisfying about the way the cans fit together, and the soothing symmetry of the endless rows of coloured cylinders. Surprisingly, I find them more relaxing than even the rectangular prisms that make up the boxes of Whiskers and Optimum. I’m a strange lad, I know. Worse, is that people tell me Eugene loved filling pet food too. I have to wonder if it’s genetic somehow.

Anyway, I had an awesome fun day today, apart from one brief moment where I was probably rude to Chris by refusing to eat when he wanted to. Otherwise, I spent a lot of money I don’t currently have, met up/talked to some very good people, and am now going to bed to catch whatever sleep I can before my shift in 8 hours. Well, g’night!


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