The date is November 19th, 2007. It is 6:09pm. I have finished my last TEE exam, and now have… I can’t yet think about how much free time I have. The prospect of time without purpose is maddening, and I suspect I will create purpose now that my intensive study has finally ceased. However, I will tell you that the moment we were given leave from the hall, I let out an insane and maniacal laugh that would have landed me in the psych ward had it been heard in any other circumstance. Besides, I wasn’t the only one, so I was barely heard above the ruckus. I seized Ben Caddy and gave him a hug, wrapped my arm around Mum with a cry of "Quick step, double time!" (and she started a funny little jog to keep up with me) and then went nuts. I saw an oval next to the car park, so Mum held my bag while I tore around its perimeter in a victory lap. I did rolls and jumps and cartwheeled everywhere laughing all the while. Mental, I say.

Now all I need is something alcoholic and my celebrations could continue well into the night. Ah well, f all that, I’m finished. Tomorrow, I attain Guitar Hero, my bus ticket for leavers, and drop in to see the physio, who said I can’t train until next year (alas!). I’ll ask him about aikido later, which doesn’t require kicking at all (Y). Wednesday is a glitch in the matrix, Thursday is Adventure World, Friday is a blank, Saturday is The Party, Sunday is leavers. Hohoho, too many people, too little time. I love you all. Except you over there. No, not you, behind you. Yeah, you. Get a haircut, noob.

I’m off! I have mentos and diet coke to scull! Peace, love, and rock and roll.


PS: This is the last "School" entry I will ever write. Damn that feels good.


2 thoughts on “LET’S GO F*CKING MENTAL!

  1. Lauren says:

    I wish I finished school now. :(

  2. Dirk says:

    Very interesting and entertaining blog mate :)

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