For reasons I will not yet explain, these past 37 or so hours have been amongst the happiest of my life. Despite this, my parents frustrate me to no end for various reasons. Skimming over the details, I got very pissed off at Dad, who didn’t even realise how annoyed I was, and went for a jog. In summer. At 1:30 in the afternoon. Nice. (Y)

This isn’t a common thing for me- I barely know my way around two streets from the house. Strangely enough, I went for a jog last night as well, even though I didn’t know where I was going. I just said "Run", and I didn’t let myself stop. Today as I started off, I got a little over 100m when my heart started hurting (to those of you who didn’t know/forgot, I have a minor heart problem) so I ended up walking instead. I could have pushed my boundaries and all that, and I was angry enough to, but I didn’t want to die just when I found so much to live for; a certain person, a certain convention, a certain freedom, a certain game, a certain get-together… So I just found a park to crash in. I like parks.

When I eventually decided to go home before Mum got worried and went out to look for me (like she did last night- I caught her as she left the driveway so it’s all good), I wasn’t feeling much happier. Spontaneously, I decided it would be pretty funny if I broke into the house and had a shower without letting them know.
"Who is this stranger in our bathroom?!" they’d wonder. So, as I approached the house, I saw it as a game. 10 points if I could get inside, 50 points if I could have a shower, 1000 points if someone called the police.

Being a ninja, I got in without much hassle. Snuck past the windows, climbed the rather unstable fence, crunched through some horribly dry leaves and crept in through the laundry door. I knew it was unlocked because it’s a habit of mine to know the entry and exit points of a building at all times- a habit I picked up before I watched the Bourne Identity. I heard someone in the bathroom- just from the way she rinsed her mouth I could tell it was Mum- so I was in a predicament. The laundry is at one end of the hall, my room is at the other, the bathroom’s in-between. I slipped into the toilet, not fully closing the door (that would have been suspicious) and waited inside. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, Mum needed to go, so when she finally left the bathroom, she walked straight into me and had a cardiac arrest. Not really, but I scared her. Gave her a hug, had a cold shower, wrote a blog entry. So far, only 10 points, but there’s always the chance someone called the cops.

Just felt like throwing that out there. Have a good day, yo’.


One thought on “Ninja

  1. Bethwyn says:

    you skilled happy person you! :D

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