Fight of the Valkyrie

So I rock up to grade today, even though I graded last month. Carmela bent the rules for me, for which I am grateful. As I was warming up and stretching, I felt a little anxious because my legs were suffering from pangs of unexplainable pain whenever I moved them, at all. So I figure, Damn, must need more time to warm up. So I stretched until I was feeling all right and the grading began.

First up, Taeguk (pattern) 5, scored the magical number of 69. Taeguk 6 was the same, but Taeguk 7… I did the first four moves and froze, unable to remember what came next. Strike one.

Second up, kicks, which I’m fairly good at.
"One." Push-kick, axe kick, turning kick. No problem. I go for the first one, and BAM. Felt something in my leg stretch beyond the point of no return. I followed up with the next two kicks anyway.
"Two." Push kick, axe kick, turning kick. God that hurts, just ignore it, it’ll be over soon.
"Three." Felt it get worse. To borrow a phrase from a website somewhere, ‘It felt like someone was stabbing my hamstring with rusty daggers of fire.’
"Four." My left hamstring suddenly burned with heat and my first thought (as a human biology student) was, "Heat = blood. Damn, must’ve ripped the muscle. I hope it isn’t staining my uniform. If it is, Carmela will let me know."

So I continued on for about 20 more kicks of all different kinds. My height, balance and power suffered as a result, but I didn’t do too badly overall with an above-average score of 68.

Board-breaking: my old nemesis. Mr Red Board was feeling all cocky and stuff, so I thought I’d teach him a lesson with my buddy Mr Side Kick. I didn’t break the board. That said, my other very good friend, Mr Back Kick sure showed him.

All in all, I passed "adequately". Which is one above pass, and one below honours. Don’t think I deserved it, but I’m grateful. Probably won’t be training for a while, which is as good as any an excuse to start studying for TEE now that Taekwondo’s out of the picture. Hope my leg doesn’t fall off or anything, cheerio.


One thought on “Fight of the Valkyrie

  1. Bethwyn says:

    eep!!! rest it!! now.:D get better soon! No legs falling off, please!! =]

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