Competition class

On the 21st of October (2007), there’s a tournament coming up for novices. That is, people who haven’t been in tournaments before. There are two divisions- sparring and poomsae (patterns). When it was announced about a month ago, I decided I would give it a miss because of TEE and all that nonsense (:P), but because Mum (against my intentions) signed me up for the Gold Plus membership, I decided to go for it and cram into three weeks what everyone else will cram into seven. I’m going to enter both the sparring and the patterns. If by any chance any of you want to watch (I’m really not expecting much of a response here), let me know and I’ll get you the details.

Oh Do Kwan holds two classes a week that train students for competitions. Nervously, I rocked up to my first one tonight. After a quick warmup, we strapped on chestguards and helmets and partnered off. Wouldn’t you know it, I got Jason. Jason is the first person I ever met in Oh Do Kwan- being a whitebelt, he was assigned to correct my technique for the first few lessons. Jason’s one of the best tournament fighters in the club, so it was an honour to have him show us (a yellowbelt who had also joined that day) what to do. We basically practiced body kicks against one another, full speed, full power hoping the guards would absorb the shock. Even with the chestguards, let me tell you: getting kicked by a blackbelt bloody hurts. I actually learned a few things, and the style of fighting was a little different. The kicks and sequences taught were designed to train explosive speed, and although my technique’s still shite, I’m getting there.

At the end of class, we all sat down huffing and puffing on the side of the dojan. Two people were called up, and I realised to my delight that they were going to spar. Sabomnim (instructor) Graham called everyone up, including me! And who was I pitted against? Jason. Novice vs pro. That, my friends, was one of the defining moments of my life. Surprisingly, I actually managed to land a few hits, but I suspect he was taking it easy because I’d never done it before. Nevertheless, it really does feel satisfying aiming to kick someone and landing a solid blow. The sound, the thwhack as your foot hits the guard… Something special, let me tell you.

After being kicked by Jason for the better part of an hour, I was actually in some pain. I was a little bit worried, but eventually it went away by itself about 15 minutes later. Or maybe I just imagined it was there, because as soon as I started concentrating on kicking, it ceased to hurt. Regardless, being the fool I am, I went to the next class for regular training. Sure, the competition class drained the majority of my chakra and left me a little shaky, and sure Jason said it was a bad idea to train too much, and sure there came a point when my legs hurt too much to kick, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m extraordinarily sore right now, so methinks I’ll be concentrating on, you know, exams and stuff until the Friday competition class.

*yawn* Not too sure why I wrote this entry. Prolly cause it would have taken too long by hand. Night then.


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