Australia in the 90’s

This had me cheering. God, what a childhood.

You watched the ABC more than any other station. Those days are long gone.

You made worms by squeezing your Vegemite or peanut butter crackers together.

The best parties always had fairy bread.

The Waugh twins. Go! Aussie! Go!

Getting the Easter Show/Royal Show guide from the paper and circling all the show bags you wanted.

Blinky Bill, Mr Squiggle and Gumby.

SuperTed, Widget The World Watcher and Samurai Pizza Cats.

Going to the Easter Show with a big group of friends from school once you were old enough to go without Mum and Dad.

Doing research for school projects by going to the library or looking up an encyclopaedia rather than using the internet.

Paul Keating was some guy that ran the country and John Howard became the only PM you really ever knew because you were too young to care before that.

Banana Man, Bangers and Mash and The Raggy Dolls.

Game Boy.

Waking up early everyday to watch Agro’s Cartoon Connection or Cheez TV.

Hey Hey It’s Saturday.

Trying to make the Rainbow Road shortcut on Mario Kart 64.

Postman Pat, Fireman Sam and Lift Off (that show with the dirty, eyeless doll named EC).

Birthday parties at McDonald’s.

A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month. No returns!

The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Arguing over which was better – Nintendo 64 or PlayStation.

Don’t push me, push a push pop!

Nobody made "not" jokes… NOT!!

Bathurst stopped being Holden vs. Ford and all those European cars came in until they came to their senses.

Who shot Mr Burns?

Watching Captain Planet and then driving your parents mad by always singing the song.

That’s so funny, I forgot to laugh.

Playing Gran Turismo and MGS on PlayStation.

Roller coasters at Wonderland, Sydney.

You decorated your room with glow-in-the-dark stickers.

You played marbles and could name all the different types like blue moon, oily, candy, red wine, galaxy and red devil. You never played anyone for your god marble.

Feeling sad when your Tamagotchi died.

Singing "a ram sam sam, a ram sam sam, guli guli guli guli guli, ram sam sam, a rafi, a rafi, guli guli guli guli guli ram sam sam".

Seeing a small rack of DVDs in the video store and wondering if anyone ever rented them.

Getting up early to watch the Rage Top 50.

Friends when they were all actually just friends. Why didn’t Phoebe and Joey get together?

Sonic the Hedgehog.

Watching The Simpsons back when it was funny, every night on Channel 10.

Power Rangers becoming cooler than the Ninja Turtles, even though the Turtles will always be cooler.

Watching South Park for the first time and being really excited by all the swearing.

Watching Hercules and then being disappointed when Xena Warrior Princess replaced it. Nobody was cooler than Herc.

Blowing on the Nintendo cartridge before putting it in the console to make sure it worked properly.

Smell the cheese.

Vulcan, Tower, Flame… Australian Gladiators.

Playing Mortal Kombat and trying to do a fatality but just ending up punching accidentally.

Pokemon! Gotta catch ‘em all!

Watching Hey Dad! and then seeing little Arthur McArthur go on to star in that famous Sorbent ad.

Full Frontal, not Comedy Inc.

Chatting with your buddies on ICQ.

Going to see Titanic.

Mighty Max and Polly Pocket. Max and Polly always got lost because they were so bloody small.

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

Waiting for Tony “Plugger” Lockett to break that record.

Australia didn’t always win the cricket.

The Socceroos couldn’t qualify for the World Cup.

John Eales captained the Wallabies and we won the World Cup.

Ray Martin hosted A Current Affair.

Zoopa Doopa ice blocks were only 20c and if you couldn’t afford it, you asked the canteen lady to cut it in half so you could split it with a friend.

Listening to boy bands like Human Nature and girl bands like Girlfriend.

Barbie, not Bratz.

The Spice Girls.

Happy Meals were only $2.95 and the toys were simple but actually good.

Person 1: Who farted!?
Person 2: Whoever smelt it, dealt it!
Person 1: Whoever made the rhyme, committed the crime!

Brad Fittler was the best in the world.

Thorpe won lots of gold medals and wasn’t so gay.

Opposite day.

We all loved Pat Rafter and almost cried when he lost to Goran Ivanisevic because our Pat deserved that title more than anyone. Definitely more than Hewitt ever did.

Giving a friend a backage in the canteen line. If it was your best friend, you gave them a frontage.

Pogs and Looney Tunes Tazos.

You laughed at the fat kid on the Cottees cordial ad and changed the song to "My Dad picks his nose…"

You ate Smarties instead of M&M’s.

Girl germs! Boy germs!


You had to actually call your friends rather than send them an SMS.

Paul Jennings’ Gizmo books.

Matchbox cars.

The Secret World of Alex Mack.

Talk to the hand!

Johnson and Friends, Noddy and Humphrey B. Bear.

Collecting Yowie toys. Aussie wildlife was way cooler than any stupid Kinder Surprise toy.

Playing truth or dare with your secret crush.

Slap bracelets.

Jurassic Park and those toy dinosaurs where you could pull a piece of the skin out to see its insides.

We had paper money.

Telling those Dobbers where to stick it by singing, "Dibba dobba dibba dobba number nine, wearing nappies all the time" and, "Dibba dobba Cindy went to kindy, stepped on a bindy wa wa wa."

Good on ya Mum! Tip Top’s the one!

You could buy more than enough food from the school canteen for only $2.

Begging your parents to go to McDonald’s for dinner.

Rocko’s Modern Life, Rugrats and Hey Arnold!

Noni, Monica and that bald guy named George on Play School.

Going to World 4 Kids to look at all the toys.

Watching The Lion King and feeling Simba’s pain when Mufasa died. Disney just doesn’t make them like that anymore.

Soft serve cones were only 30c and they never tried to up-sell a Flake because they didn’t have it.

Nesquik without the Nes.

Troll Dolls.

The Kids’ Works at Pizza Hut with unlimited drink refills. You made an ice cream mountain covered in choc chips and marshmallows and could never finish it.

Thomas the Tank Engine and TUGS.

Ba-na-na-na-na! Ba-na-na-na-na! Make those bodies sing!

You had to get your photos developed.

Competing with your friends to see who could eat the most sour Warheads in one go.

The Channel 9 logo had dots next to it and the Channel 7 logo wasn’t a folded piece of paper.

No Hat, no play….(no school today)

High five! Up high, down low, too slow!

Watching Round the Twist and getting pissed off that the actors kept on changing. You still loved it though.

Cheating in Heads Down, Thumbs Up.

Collecting basketball cards, whether you followed basketball or not.

Collecting hundreds of tickets from Timezone just so you could trade them for some crappy prize that you could have bought from Woolies for ten bucks.

Skipping ropes and Jump Rope for Heart Day.

The Ferals. Rattus, Modigliana, Derryn and Mixy were cool until they started that five minute piece of crap, Feral TV.

Hypercolour T-shirts.

Who Dares! Who Dares! Who Dares Wins!

Growing up in Australia in the 90s was rad.


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