Miyagi’s Match

I considered for a while whether to write this in first person or third person. Both are arrogant, but I decided to be more open about it and go for first person.

Around 9pm, I heard a buzzing in my room- could it have been some kind of far-off construction, or a vehicle maybe? Unlikely. I tried to ignore it, and of course by consciously trying, I failed. Leaving my TISC reading for a moment, I looked around to search for the source of my distraction. It was only after about a minute that I found the fly with my ears- it had been hiding between my blinds and window. When I opened the shutters, it flew out and rammed itself into my wall repeatedly. I walked calmly to the centre of my room, eyes never leaving my target, and-
My hand shot out and closed on thin air. The fly darted away but I tracked it, never losing sight of it for more than an instant. That in itself was actually quite challenging. It swung past me once again;

Close, but it narrowly avoided my fist. Inwardly, I smiled to myself, enjoying the challenge. Reflexes, precision and speed. My opponent was a wily one, no doubt about it, but I would become wilier. To use the cliché, time seemed to slow for a moment as I saw its flight path and shot out my hand.
I got it!

Without so much as blinking, I calmly left my room and walked to the laundry, unlocking and wheeling open the two doors. I threw my fist out into the night air, opening my hand as I did, and pulled it back in quickly, shutting the door after it. The fly vanished somewhere into the night. Walking to the bathroom, I washed my hands and grinned to myself.
"That was one of the coolest things I have ever done in my whole life."

And I didn’t even break a sweat.


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