Human females

A girl can bitch at you all she likes, but as soon as you say one remotely bad thing about her, you’d better have a Get Out of Jail Free card handy, because hell, you’re in for damnation.

Guys, you know it’s true. Girls, you’re probably plotting against me already. That’s why I’m changing my name and moving to Alaska. Peace out.


3 thoughts on “Human females

  1. Lee says:

    I’m going to presume this is directed at me. Forgive me if I’m wrong and vain.
    What you said wasn’t remotely bad. It was terrible. Can I remind you of a time when you acted worse than I did etc etc.
    I egged his house. I apologised to him for it. That was the night when my grandmother rocked up at my friends birthday party. I was angry at her for thinking terribly at one of my friends.  
    I had nothing to say for you after that. I felt angry and upset and my head was numb. If I hadn’t hung up on you, our conversation would have ended up on a much worse note.

  2. Bethwyn says:

    Aren’t you grouping all girls and guys together by saying this? Everyone is an individual.Some guys will try to kill you if you say one wrong thing about them. Please don’t be like others and think that it is only girls that gossip/bitch. There are many guys that do it, too. Even if you don’t.Again, I say, you give up too easily. Why say terrible things in the first place?

  3. Liam, Baron of Hoskuldstadir says:

    Bitching is a saccharine and indulgent pleasure. It’s also an addiction: something to fall back on, that makes you sigh with relief, something that both excites you to the core but satisfies an innate devil inside you. It’s always done in conversations that are starved for valuable subject matter.
    Both guys and girls do it. Suliman said to me (in so many words) "Too many people talk at Trinity. At Shenton the girls did that for you." He had been talked about and had just found out about it. Maybe (in accordance with your theory) he wasn’t about to kill over it: but he was going to be very angry about it. In otherwords, its not an exclusive girl thing to get angry.
    But I would agree with you that there might be a hypocrisy. A certain ‘confection’ (i’m relying on your knowledge of my writing to recognise the person to whom I refer) would bitch mercilessly an endlessly about a person, yet the moment she found her name was mentioned, she made it her mission to bring the offendor down. It’s sickening and mindless- but then, she is a sickening and mindless person.
    It’s an infantile practice. Take comfort in the fact that it dies alongside other facets of adolescent immaturity. Choose your friends well and you’ll never have to deal with it again.

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