Technical difficulties

Well damn. 6:05am the morning an assignment is due, and hey, I knock over a glass of water and destroy my mouse. Now what? Freaking hell, this has slowed me down by a few freaking HOURS. I’ve already lost 60% of my total mark because it’s two days late. Add on a broken mouse, that’s aggravation.

Karma, anyone? Heh, yet, despite this, I have ability enough to open up my internet and write out a blog about how enfeebled I am instead of trying to repair the mouse or do my assignment. Brigette Savvy-Walsh, if I ever write a kill list (I won’t), you’ve reserved a place.


One thought on “Technical difficulties

  1. Lee says:

    I have an interview, to work in Telstra’s call centre!!!! Yay! First there’s meant to be a 15 minute phone call, which I just finished, and she said I got into the next round which is a phone role play, a group task (with four/five other people) and a series of computer tests, which I am hoping are the same as then ones I did before, because I got a pretty good score for those three (average 75%)
    And thank you very muchly for the text. 

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