The Training Room

I’m going to sound like the biggest idiot, but I just have to tell someone and my blog is as good as any a means of communication.

I have been training as intensely as Vegeta in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, or more specifically, the Capsule Corps. Training Room. True, I can’t change the intensity of gravity in a limited space, but I can change the handicaps of my foes. No, I don’t have flying orbs to shock me with electricity, but I do have a number of opponents to face. No, I don’t have chi blasts, but I do have Falco’s blaster.

I tell you truly: It’s something awesome to pit yourself against any number of foes under whatever circumstances you choose. You can simulate being ganged up on, you can train close combat, you can practice integrating throws and distance attacks, and you can create an advantage with random items. You can set the boundaries of an arena, select the likely choices of the people you will engage in, and you can always push yourself to reach a victory just out of grasp.

I am Vegeta, and I will not fail. BRING IT ON!


One thought on “The Training Room

  1. Georgie says:

    If your Vegeta than there must be a Goku somewhere :p¬†… that must suck

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