No fancy-pants title for you!

I never did say what my grades are, did I? Well here they are below. I am not proud, I am not happy.

Economics: – 61.6% – C
Applicable Mathematics: –
49.3% – C/D
Human Biology: –
85.35% – A
English Literature: –
63% – C/B
Music: –
70.1% – B

I can’t believe Mrs Savvy-Walsh (Human Bio teacher) gave me satisfactories. Apparent from my grades, Human Biology is the one subject I care about, the one subject I’ll do all my homework for, read other textbooks about, spend hours of rigorous study mastering. Yet, I’m not top of the class, for the pure and simple reason that she hates me. I’ve given up trying to argue for marks in essays/short answers, because I won’t get them. I could bitch about her somemore, but that won’t get much done. I hope I can get the award this year, but I’m about 4th in class so it’s dubious at best.

Meanwhile, I’ve got assignments to do. Why didn’t I do them earlier? Well, quite simply, stfu I’m working on it.


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